Wildfire Fire Resistant Women's UL Chainsaw Pants with Stretch for Wildland Firefighters

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Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to ASTM F1897-20 for USA and meets OSHA regulation 1910-266.
Designed for wildland fire crews working in the heat, Wildfire chainsaw pants are designed to be easier to work in with 4 way stretch and a tough FR outer.
Fit & Sizing:
Women's fit Clogger pants have a larger waist to hip proportion, a higher waist with an increased rise and longer length lengths relative to the waist compared with the men's fit. Extra leg length to allow for lift while bending.
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Wildland fire fighters used to have to make do with outdated, heavy chainsaw protection. Wildfire from Clogger changes that. A 120% 4 way stretch FR outer with maximum flex for easy movement. Remarkably tough. Fire resistant to the core with every component fully FR including our proprietary Arrestex FR chainsaw fabric. The future of chainsaw protection for Wildland fire crews is here.

 Top Features

This model is specifically designed to provide a better fit for women.

  • Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to ASTM F1897-20 for USA and meets OSHA regulation 1910-266
  • Complies with NFPA Code 70E 130.7(11) and ENA NENS 09-2014 for arc protection
  • Outer fabric rated to 11 cal/cm2 according to ASTM F1959 for arc resistance and passed EN ISO 15025: 2000 for fire resistance
  • Extra leg length to allow for lift while bending
  • All components fire resistant, including outer fabric, chainsaw protective fabric and lining 4-way 120% stretch, tough FR outer for ease of movement and extended life
  • Uses Clogger’s exclusive Arrestex FR chainsaw fabric which is light and breathable with 6 layers of advanced fully FR technical chainsaw protection that will not melt or burn.
  • Heavy duty metal studs provide extra strength when using suspenders
  • High-back and elasticized waist ensures a snug fit that flexes with movement while keeping you warm on winter days
  • Opening in hem of both legs for easy debris removal
  • Extra large belt loops to fit a 2 6/16 inch belt
  • Two zipped hip pockets and a cargo style pocket on the left thigh for ease of access
  • Total weight only 2 lb 8 oz (Medium)


Designed and made in Invercargill, New Zealand