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The Wildfire Season is Underway - Get the All-New Wildfire Chaps


NEW - Clogger Wildfire Chainsaw Chaps Apron Style USFS Approved NFPA 1977 for Wildland Firefighters

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For far too long wildland fire chainsaw crews have struggled with heavy, outdated chaps that are uncomfortable and a nightmare to wear. Now no longer.
Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting, ASTM F1897-20 for USA and meets OSHA regulation 1910-266. Approved by USFS in the 2024 Redbook .
Fit & Sizing:
Offer the classic streamlined Clogger easy to move in cut with a waist band adjustable up to 49 inches and an 18 inch extension available. Sizing is based on overall leg length.
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Outdated, inflexible, hot and uncomfortable chainsaw protection has been the norm forever when working in the US Wildfire industry. Clogger's Gen 2 Wildfire chainsaw chaps throw all this out the window.

A refreshingly modern fit. Light and more importantly breathable. No motion restriction. USFS approved and NFPA 1977 certified. 100% Fire Resistant to the core. Reduced snagging risk. And remarkably tough.

In fact you will forget you have them on! Revolutionize your life with the Clogger Gen2 Wildfire Chaps. 

Chainsaw protection

  • Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet ASTM F 1897-20 Standard Specification for Leg Protection for Chain Saw users.
  • Uses Clogger’s exclusive Arrestex FR chainsaw fabric which is light and breathable with 6 layers of advanced fully FR technical chainsaw fabric that will not melt or burn.
  • Arrestex FR includes ultra strong Vectran cut resistant fibers cross woven to improve multi-directional strike performance.
  • Waist to ankle coverage with extra coverage on the left side of each leg to reduce the risk of injuries caused by chap rotation.

Outer construction and design

  • Ultra tough, breathable and flexible Kevlar-based FR outer for extended life.
  • Market leading, 5-strap attachment system for improved safety performance and reduced snagging.
  • Split design for easier movement.
  • All components 100% fire resistant, including outer fabric, chainsaw protective fabric, lining and webbing straps
  • Tough viscose/aramid lining fabric
  • High temp buckle fasteners

Wildland fire people specific detail

  • Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting.
  • Approved by USFS in the 2024 Redbook
  • 2 inch wide belt with quick release buckle.
  • The adjustable waist extends to 49 inches. An additional 18 inch extension belt is available if required.


  • Lightweight design, just 2 lbs 3.6 oz (Medium).


  • Protection: Front only.
  • Fit: Unisex.
  • Size: XS-L.
  • Green or Orange color available
  • Custom sizing available.
  • Add on the NFPA approved Tool Pouch for additional functionality.


Note: This product is not intended for grinding and welding applications.


Designed and made in New Zealand.